Wisconsin’s newest promotion, Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions, to spotlight top up and coming amateurs

Birth of the Ogitchidaa

Birth of the Ogitchidaa

Dana White may be touring the country and racking up big views with his rags-to-riches YouTube series “Looking for a Fight,” but he’s got nothing on Christopher Hicks of Wisconsin’s Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions. In his role as the new amateur federation’s promoter, Hicks has scoured the Midwest looking for the brightest undiscovered MMA talent in America’s Heartland. And on March 31st, the hard work, miles driven and strip mall gyms visited all pays off as Ogitchidaa presents its inaugural fight card Birth of the Ogitchidaa!

Birth of the Ogitchidaa is the federation’s first fight card – and it’s happening on March 31st, 2018 at The Bay Area Civic Center in Ashland, Wisconsin. Doors open at 5 pm, with the first fighters scheduled to touch gloves at 7 pm.

The event will be available on Pay Per View. Just $15 brings ALL the hard-hitting action home – delivered right to your TV or connected device. For more information – and to order the PPV visit the Ogitchidaa official website.

The tournament-style of the promotion gives young fighters a chance to rise above the competition – gaining vital experience, exposure and credibility in their journey to be crowned champion of their weight division – the Ogitchidaa. The fighters will engage in a single elimination, 8 man bracket. The tournament will unfold over three events over a three month period – only the winners move on to pursue their fighting dreams.

The Ogitchidaa then gets placed into another talent-rich tournament bracket or is offered a chance to make their pro tournament debut. The fed’s professional tournament series begins in September 2018.

Hicks wants everyone to know that all the way around, this is a big chance for fighters from all over the Midwest and around the rest of the country, “Anyone fighting the Ogitchidaa has to fight those five rounds as the current title holder. And for pros, each title defense is a significant increase in pay. For amateurs, we load them up with sponsors and promote the hell out of them.”

What makes Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions different from other amateur MMA feds that dot the American combat sports landscape? Just ask the fighters. “This promotion is so good because the people at the top help us small name fighters get out there,” says 135-pound bantamweight prospect Lucas McConnell, who’s fighting near the top of the Civic Center card on the 31st. “Most ammy promotions only get people from within their state, limiting exposure for fighters only to people within the state. OFP, on the other hand, gets fighters from all over which lets our names spread over a larger area. Not to mention it’s run by a fighter, so he knows what it’s like to be just starting out and trying to grow.”

Ogitchidaa boasts an impressive pedigree working behind the scenes. As McConnell mentioned there’s no substitute for having a real, experienced fighter working in support of your fledgling federation – and that’s where Christopher “Tree Hugger” Hicks comes in. Hicks, a well-traveled veteran of the sport, brings a unique fighter’s perspective to the organization. His keen understanding of what it means to be an unknown but talented fighter with big dreams has helped attract talent to Ogitchidaa – as fighters have a natural trust with Hicks who’s primary motivation in starting is the organizations is to help the talent build their careers the right way.

The federation’s production is managed by BJJ visionary Chris Martin who brings his extensive experience and eye for what fight fans want to see to the promotion.

Adding some flash and beats to the event are hip-hop artists LaFernier Trent Truchon and Walt Trab who will be on hand AND performing at the after party.

Also in attendance at the event will be MMA legend, Eddie Gordon. The UFC Ultimate Fighter Winner (Season 19) and best-selling author (Forever Truckin’: Mastering the Will to Win) will be on hand to provide his ongoing support for Ogitchidaa and share his knowledge of the fight game with the young MMA stars of tomorrow.

The Birth of the Ogitchidaa is stacked top to bottom with talent, with every match essential viewing for fight fans looking to spot undiscovered talent out of the Midwest before they appear on pay-per-views or network TV cards.

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