Video: The “Pony Boy” Jeremy Pender releases his second VLOG

By Juan Valle

Jeremy Pender VLOG #2

VLOG #2 – Jeremy Pender

Why martial arts? Professional fighter Jeremy Pender takes you into his world with his latest VLOG (Video Blog). The Vision MMA fighter sits down to tell his fans, and soon to be fans what got him into the sport of Mixed Martial arts.

He responds to the question on how he got involved with the sport with, “Ninja turtles, pro wrestling, Dragon Ball Z, and Karate Kid.” Of course, what flashes up on the screen is photo of the television series “Alf.” Although he doesn’t mention the show, it’s good to hear Alf had an impact on his life. Although it’s to step inside the cage and punch people. There was always something suspicious about that extraterrestrial.

Pender does a good job with his VLOG series, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like outside the cage. Well stop reading this and check out what the “Pony Boy” has to say.

Created by Michael Dukes and Step Inside Productions

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