Video: Replay of Colosseum Combat XXIX

By Juan Valle

Colosseum Combat XXIX Stream

Colosseum Combat XXIX Stream

Did you miss this past weekend’s Colosseum Combat XXIX event? No need to worry as Mark Slater, owner of Colosseum Combat, enlisted Fast Play Sports to record the show. Now you can watch it, anytime, anywhere you want.

In addition to watching it post-event, they also streamed it live on Saturday night. The best part, aside from the astounding quality, was the fact that both organizations offered it for free.

Even our very own David McKinney tweeted to Slater the following, “Wow…@ColosseumCombat has to be the best #LocalMMA stream I’ve ever seen. Mad props to @MarkSlater13.” If you are in disbelief, we cordially invite you to view footage of the event. You be the judge and let us know what you think. View the event in its entirety after the break.

In the main event of the evening we saw Lloyd Thornton (8-6) finish his opponent Josh Robinson (9-9) in the first round. Originally Joe Lile Jr. was set to meet Johnny Davis. However, we reported last week that Davis suffered a rib injury during camp forcing him to withdraw from the show. This promoted Slater to move the co-main event bout between Thornton and Robinson to the top slot. It was a good move as Thornton looked impressive in his win.

This is the first time in recent history that the promotion has streamed the event. We hope with the success of the stream, already reaching over 2,000 views in three days, that this will become a recurring theme for future shows.

What are your thoughts? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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