Video: ‘Primetime’ battles a tough week that included big news, still training though

By Gary Thomas

Adam Townsend


So it was a tough week for Adam Townsend. He got the flu, had to deal with his son injuring himself and he got a big announcement from Maggie. It seems that none of that has slowed him down from training. Townsend, with what sounds like another round of responsibility on his shoulder, presses on as he is only 20 or so days away from meeting Nate ‘The Train” Landwehr at 3FC 20 in a winner take all bout.

Check out the second vlog of training camp and be sure to show some support to ‘”Primetime” on his new announcement. Better yet, maybe the support needs to go towards Peyton and Maggie. Either way after you watch you’ll know what we are talking about.

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