Video: Jesseray Childrey is victorious in his pro debut

By Juan Valle

Jesseray Childrey

Jesseray Childrey

The fight between Jesseray Childrey and Jim Davis lived up to the hype. These two warriors met in the co-main event at Turf Wars 19 this past Saturday night. Jesseray Childrey was making his professional debut after an impressive amateur career.

The Georgetown MMA fighter went undefeated as an amateur, finishing all eight of his opponents by way of submission. Only three of his fights have gone past the opening round- he has never gone to the third round. This stat remained intact after his what I would like to call an unbelievable finish over Jim Davis.

If you are familiar with Childrey’s fighting style, you know that he does not like to keep the fight standing. The wrestler would prefer to take the fight to the ground where he feels most comfortable. His jiu-jitsu, which he trains under Adam Gomez at Georgetown MMA, his majestic for a heavyweight. All of his fights have ended up on the ground where he has finished every single one of his opponents.

With that being said, the game plan that Davis had worked on leading up to this fight was to prepare for the takedown. The Vanilla Gorilla informed us that he planned to keep his hands low, more towards his waistline. That he had worked on punching from here just so he would be ready in case Childrey shot in for a takedown.

Well, when Childrey decided to keep it standing everyone was caught off guard, including Davis. No one had expected him to stand and slug it out with the heavy-hitter. According to Gomez, it was their game plan to stand with Davis before Childrey went for a takedown. It was a well calculated risk that worked out in his favor.

Childrey hitting Davis with an elbow

To start the fight Childrey kept the pressure tight against Davis, pressing forward. The distance between the two closed enough for each of them to start slugging it out. According to Davis it caught him off guard, and he seized up but remained punching. Childrey was able to withstand the power that Davis is known for, landing a few shots of his own including a nice elbow. They clinched up after the exchange. It was here Childrey was able to trip Davis getting him down to the ground.

Once Childrey was able to get Davis down to the ground it was all over, as he felt right at home. It did not take much time from here for Childrey to look on the Kimura to finish the fight. The match-up lasted only 1:16, but watching the fight unfold it seemed like forever.

It was a huge opportunity for Childrey as he never faced someone as solid as Davis. Prior to his absence from the cage, Davis was known around the area as being one tough “son of a bitch.” Davis has never gone out of the first round in any of his fights. It was this ability to bring the fight that gave him his “badass” persona.

Childrey posing with Davis

Childrey posing with Davis

No one expected Childrey to get the win quite the way he did. It was a gamble to face an opponent like Davis in his professional debut, but he did so in remarkable fashion. “I want to give a ton of respect to Jim Davis for going to war with me. Nothing but good things to say about him.

What happened after their fight is what makes this sport so great. After the fight was over the two hugged it out in the cage showing great sportsmanship and praise to one another. Then as the night came to a close, the fans emptied the venue, and the two chatted. It was here that the Vanilla Gorilla gave Childrey one of his walk-out shirts. Although this is not uncommon, it is rare. The two even posed for a picture (left) wearing the shirt afterwards.

As a fan of both fighters, it was a hard fight to watch as I did not want to see either one lose. I have had the opportunity to see Jesseray Childrey grow as a fighter and to see him defeat Jim Davis was an honor. To me it felt like the passing of the torch from one generation of fighter to the next. We cannot wait to see what awaits both of these guys in the future.

First photo courtesy of Adenei Photography
Video courtesy of Keelie Bing
Last two photos courtesy of Tj Buchanan Semones

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