Trotter Legacy event cancelled in wake of tragedy

By Gary Thomas

Eddie 8

Eddie Trotter and Dan Severn

The scheduled Trotter Legacy event that was to take place tonight in Prestonsburg has been cancelled after tragic news that Eddie Trotter passed away overnight.

I met Eddie back in 2011. Greg Maynard and I were on our way to a Gladiator event at Jenkins High School. Greg had fought for Eddie as so many guys from Eastern KY had. Eddie called Greg and said that he needed him to referee the fights. It was about 3 degrees hotter than hell inside the school and the crowd was amazing. Todd Neal suspended a guy who decided not to fight, suspension to be lifted when the young man got divorced. Just a crazy time.

Over the years I have interviewed Eddie and talked with him out and about. One thing stands out above all else, he was just a good guy. He wasn’t the best MMA promoter, he wasn’t the best fighter but he was a really good guy. He always made time to talk to me, he welcomed me to his show and we chatted often about fights. I always asked him what it was liked getting a beat down from a UFC Hall of Famer. He would just laugh.

I talked with Eddie just yesterday and it is so weird to me that I won’t be able to anymore. It’s not like we were close or anything, but he was a guy who liked what I did as I liked what he did. Gladiator FC was a place where I was able to meet people I still talk to today. Wes Hanson, Butch Hiles and who could forget Michael Cockerham. I met all of those guys in Jenkins.

So no fights tonight. Keep the Trotter family in your thoughts.

Eddie 8
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Eddie 8
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