Three Low Impact Sports That Can Help With Recovery

Martial arts are a wonderful form of exercise, as they consist of a full body workout that requires strength, endurance and agility. It is also a sociable sport, so it’s great for your mental health as well as helping you maintain a healthy body weight by toning muscles and burning calories.

As the sport can be quite physical, there may be times when you’ll need to partake in a lower impact sport to help recovery if you’ve strained a particular muscle group or acquired an injury. The three sports below are great for continuing exercise without putting too much pressure on your body.


By entering a swimming pool, you are immediately taking the weight off your body as the buoyancy of the water counteracts the force of gravity. Your joints and bones will be immediately under less stress, giving you the opportunity to move your body and stretch out any aches and pains.

Swimming is a brilliant aerobic exercise that provides a low impact, full body workout, it can also help improve your breathing which is great for increasing stamina when you’re ready to get back to martial arts. Most local sport centers will have a pay-as-you-go scheme so you shouldn’t have to sign up to a full membership, perfect for when you need an occasional dip in the pool.


Another alternative that is perfect for recovery from a high impact sport, is golf. Golf requires more stamina than you think. Hitting golf balls onto the fairways and greens will increase mobility in your back and spine, and walking the course will add thousands of steps to your day, increasing your stamina in a low impact way.

Many clubs require memberships for you to play, but there are options available if you want to give it a try now and again. You can usually hire the clubs on location but you will need to invest in some appropriate attire and footwear for the course. You never know, you might enjoy the sport so much you decide to purchase your own clubs like a set of pxg irons, as being comfortable and familiar with the clubs you use can improve your game massively.


It’s no secret that martial arts can be stressful on your joints, so cycling may be a great way to loosen up tension in your knees. Whether you opt for a static bike in the gym or head out on the open road, this low impact sport will place very little pressure on your joints and will build up aerobic stamina.

Peloton is an excellent indoor bike brand that offers customers the opportunity to stream live cycling classes from their home and compete with fellow classmates or friends online. This is great if you’re motivated by competition when exercising.

Look after your body and include both weight bearing and low impact sports into your fitness regime. A variation in the sports you participate in will increase overall body strength and stamina, and will hopefully result in an improvement in your martial art skills.

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