Robert White does more than fight, he inspires

By Juan Valle

Robert White

Robert White

It’s not often you come across a fighter who truly loves to help others in and outside of the gym. Yes, you have teammates that help but I’m talking more about the impact that Robert White (3-1) has had on others throughout his life.

White is announcing his entry into the 1st Phorm Athlete Search. It is a summer long competition to find an athlete that exudes personality, the ability to stand-out from the masses as well being genuine and having a heart to help and support others. The criteria that 1st Phorm set for their contest exemplifies White’s characteristics.

He issued the following challenge to his fans, friends and supporters to showcase what he means to them. “If I have ever encouraged you or had a positive influence in your life or helped you in a significant way would you message me the story of what happens or make a 30-45 second video of how I was a positive influence in your life.

While many of us might get a few stories, the overwhelming response the Bellator fighter has received is astonishing. Even to this moment he is still obtaining stories of how he has made an impact on the lives of so many people. Many might think this to be a stunt of self gratification; it is not because I personally know different.

Robert White (second from left)

I have known Robert White for many years, well over ten to be exact. All of the stories that I have been reading about the way he carries himself, his character and even his personality are true. For those of you that have had the opportunity to meet and talk with him you know this to be the case as well.

In fact, he reminds me of the late Chris “Slaughterhouse” Smith. Much like Smith, you would never find White without a smile on his face. Even in the toughest of times, both of them seem to find the good in things.

It’s not always the words that come out of his mouth that touches people; it’s his action too. Working full-time as a police officer, he sleeps only several hours a day. Doing so allows him to spend as much time inside the gym while he is not at home spending time with his children. Between work, family and training it leaves him with little to no personal time.

Robert White

Robert White (third from right)

There isn’t enough hours in the day for White, who by mid-week is in the so-called “grind mode.” It’s during this time that he pushes through those roadblocks and past the limits that would have stopped many others. These are the very actions that the people around him take notice. They see for themselves that no matter what goes on in life, there is a way to work towards your dreams.

The owner of Fueled by Doubt sent the following message to Rob, “Robert Breathes Passion! He shows what it means to risk it all for a dream… He never settles and knows he has no limits… Robert supports my clothing line Fueled By Doubt, and it is an honor to have him… Although we have never met… We have talked over the phone, and I know a champion when I hear one… Keep grinding. Robert inspires many through the example of sweat plus sacrifice equals success!

He was not the only one of course, take a look at the many others down below.

Robert White - Inspiration Stories Robert White - Inspiration Stories Robert White - Inspiration Stories Robert White - Inspiration Stories

Robert White is looking ahead towards his future, like he always does. At this time though what lies ahead is unknown. He does have a fight in the pipeline but it’s not official as of now. He is currently awaiting his potential opponent to sign on the dotted line. Until then, be on the lookout for “The Enforcer!”

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