Recap – Turf Wars 19

By Juan Valle

Turf Wars Recap

Turf Wars Recap

Turf Wars welcomed the fans once again to Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky for their nineteenth event. The heat did not keep the away as they cheered on some great fights. In the end, 14 fights made the final card with 3 fights getting the axe before the show began.

Keith Cunagin whose nickname is “Hands of Stone” showed us exactly why he earned that moniker last night. Oddly enough, it was only his second knockout of his entire career. His perfectly placed shot put his opponent Steven Bell right on his back- out cold. Not sure if you could script a better ending for the evening.

It took the Cincinnati, Ohio native a mere :30 seconds to finish Bell, nearly topping his best. This was not the only quick finish of the evening as two other fights at Turf Wars 19 ended quicker. One of those fights was a bit unfortunate as Tyler Stover scooped up Ronald Rowe slammed him down to the ground for the takedown. In that process, Rowe’s shoulder popped out of place immediately when he hit the mat. He signaled to the ref that he could not continue.

With a lot of great fights last night, it was hard to determine which fights should win our customary “of the Night” awards presented by Intimidation Clothing. Let’s take a look at the winners, but before we do check out the results from the event here.

“of the Night” Awards
Submission of the Night: William Frederick
Knockout of the Night: Keith Cunagin
Fight of the Night: Jesseray Childrey and Jim Davis
Performance of the Night: Patrick Cornett

Impressive Submission
You see submissions all the time mostly arm bars, triangles, rear-naked chokes, and guillotines, but it is very, very rare to see a gogoplata. What makes it even more remarkable is William Frederick pulled it off in his amateur debut fight- yes it was Frederick’s first MMA bout.

Frederick trains at 4 Seasons MMA out of Lexington, Kentucky under Michael O’Donnell. The 24-year old went to battle against Corbin Little in a bantamweight bout. It was the only fight at Turf Wars 19 to go into the third round. Little who was getting the best of Frederick while standing, was no match for him while on the ground. Frederick was close to getting several submissions throughout the fight. It was not until the final round when he pulled off the spectacular submission.

No Cage Rust For Cornwell
Scott Cornwell has not competed in almost four years. When a fighter takes an extended layoff as such one does not come into their return bout as Cornwell did. He met David Crowe, who was making his professional debut after an astounding amateur career. We talked with Crowe earlier last week who told us he was quitting his job to focus on fighting.

Unfortunately, for Crowe things did not go his way as Cornwell came out in dominating fashion. Just a few minutes into the fight, Cornwell was able to get Crowe down on the ground where he landed a couple of shots including elbows to open up a gash above his right eye. From the time the bell sounded to start their fight, the Vision MMA fighter was able to control the entire pace of the fight.

Then just a minute into the second round Cornell was able to lock on a deep rear-naked choke to earn the victory. It was only the second loss for Crowe in his last nine fights dating back to 2011. “Head wasn’t in it.” states the “Scare” Crowe after the fight.

The Aftermath
It was another great night of fights at Turfway Park. We will get into more detail around the Jesseray Childrey and Jim Davis fight once video becomes available. Additionally we will also release our interview with Charles Stanford whose opponent backed out. From the fans, we talked with after the event; everyone was pleased with the performances from all of the fighters.

The promotion is already looking ahead towards the future as they announced their next event which will take place on August 16. They will be returning to Turfway Park to close out the summer. No fights were reported as of yet, we will keep you informed when agreements are reached.

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