Ohio MMA fighter Dan Spohn saves neighbors from fire

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Dan Spohn

Ohio MMA fighter Dan Spohn is being hailed as a hero after he saved his neighbors from a fire on Saturday.

The fighter happened in Dublin, Ohio north of Columbus, and Spohn saw the fire as he was coming home from work. From there, he started rushing into the house to help get everyone out.

Spohn said the flames started to get bigger so he ran inside. He helped get some children and other neighbors out safely before firefighters arrived. One of the neighbors was an elderly lady and he also apparently even saved cats and dogs.

“It was pretty hard to see in there, it was about ready to fill up with smoke on the inside, I didn’t think it was that bad,” Spohn said. “But it was already pretty bad. I just had to cover my mouth up a little bit and run through and just flash my light through and find all the people I could. I hollered out through all the buildings and upstais, and I just had to get out of there after that.”

According to firefighters, the ceilings and drywall started to collapse, but no one was trapped inside and no one was hurt.

Dan had just finished working a 16-hour shift at the prison where he works. According to his wife, he is already back at work at 4:30am this Sunday morning.

He also is scheduled to fly to Las Vegas on Monday to be ready as an alternate in the PFL playoffs. He’ll be paid to make weight and act as a backup in case anyone misses weight or can’t compete.

Spohn narrowly missed the playoffs this season because Ronny Markes missed weight for their bout in August and the fight was cancelled. Dan has an 18-7 overall MMA record and is a veteran of the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter, Bellator, and Dana White’s Contender Series. He also held the NAAFS light heavyweight title earlier in his career.

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