Matt Elkins: ‘Same game plan, same result’ heading into NFC 117

This past January, lightweight prospect Matt Elkins was able to kick off his 2019 in strong form when he picked up a first round verbal submission win over Alvin Davis at Strike Hard Productions 51.

For Eklins, the performance went just about as well as he could have hoped, especially when taking the fight on short notice.

“I got out there in just under a couple of minutes,” Elkins told “I felt really dominant. I felt like I didn’t give (Davis) a chance to hit me or do any damage.

“I’m just trying to be healthy so we can fight again and again and again, and stay active and make it so we have some momentum going and we can’t be denied.”

For Elkins, the win over Davis was his second in a row after starting off his pro career with two straight losses. Elkins credits a two year layoff for helping getting him in the right position to rebound.

“I really struggled with a lot, to be honest,” said Elkins. “It’s something that I feel like I’m really past now, but it was a shot to my confidence. I turned pro and I dropped two fights out of the gate and thought it was maybe a bit too much and I had bit off more than I could chew.

“After spending some time realizing that I am good at this, and I do have a good skillset, and am a tough guy and those types of things and see (teammate) Eryk (Anders) make it to the UFC and show that he belongs there, it helped me understand that I should be there as well. I started to find real belief in that, and now here we are in full stride, ready to see if I’m right or not.”

This Friday in Atlanta, Georgia, Elkins (2-2) will look to secure his third win in a row when he faces John Vaughn (1-1) in a main card 155-pound bout at National Fighting Championship 117.

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“He’s got a good camp with a lot of athletic guys and some solid coaches too, so I know that he’s going to be in there well-prepared,” Elkins said of Vaughn. “He’s 37 years old or somewhere around there, and he’s newer to the game, so I don’t expect him to be beat up or anything like that. I expect him to be healthy and well-trained.

“Whoever is standing in front of me, I don’t really care about it, it’s going to be the same game plan and same results no matter who they stick in front of me at this point.”

Now that he’s gotten his career on track and is building a winning streak, Elkins is looking to further build a solid foundation for himself in 2019 before setting his sights towards bigger stages next year.

“I’m definitely taking it fight by fight, but the end goal, after dropping my first couple fights and reassessing everything, we’re trying to make this year the one we get five, six, seven wins, and just take advantage of every opportunity we can,” said Elkins.

“We’re trying to be optimistic and take advantage of every opportunity we can. Hopefully all those W’s we have can put us in a good position to start 2020 off.”

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