Lance Lawrence readies for Dana White’s Contender Series opportunity

Lance Lawrence

Lance Lawrence

Looking through the archives it was September of 2013 when we first typed out Lance Lawrence here at BluegrassMMA. He was a just a debuting amateur part of the early HRMMA 57 card. He caught our attention when he finished Ricky Jones Jr in 2014 and was awarded Fight of the night at HRMMA 66. Since breaking through he’s become one of the best fighters that we’ve ever seen come through the Ohio Valley. The Louisville native went pro in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Now at 26 he’s had perfect run of his career and is set to audition for his UFC shot for the second time on July 16th for Dana White’s Contender Series against Kevin Syler.

Lance Lawrence

Lance Lawrence

Lance has been doing the media rounds and getting his name out there and took the time to chat with our Kelly Patrick about his upcoming fight. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy but it’s also not all been in Lance’s control. He went to The Ultimate Fighter tryouts and we were all certain he’d make it. He didn’t. Following that he has a couple fights scheduled and those fell through as well. He got back in the cage in February and finished a seasoned Chris Dunn with a second round submission. The journey hasn’t always been easy and Lance talked about getting to this point and the patience he’s had to have to keep moving forward.

The hardest part of my journey is hard to say, man there has been a lot of hard parts. I could say always wanting to be in the gym and training growing up but never being able to get involved in a discipline because I bounced around to much. Or that 16 months I took where I couldn’t get a fight for anything even though I tried and tried as hard as I could. I’ve stayed patient for these opportunities because that’s what’s every great man has done. Life doesn’t hand you anything you gotta work for everything and it never comes when you want it to come, it comes when it’s supposed to come. I always knew it would come I just had to prove how bad I wanted it and endure to the end.

The path to his fight and where he is now has flowed through HRMMA, a B2 Fighting Series Group. All of Lance’s amateur fights and four of his five professional fights have been under the HRMMA banner. Lawrence reflected on what that has done for him.

HRMMA has been a huge help for me to get to this platform in my life and I do not think I could have gotten here without their help and their commitment to always finding me a fight which is a lot easier said than done, I’ll always be grateful to them.

It had to be disheartening to go through The Ultimate Fighter process and get so close but not get an opportunity. Lawrence doesn’t regret it though.

The Ultimate Fighter definitely felt like my shot. I don’t regret tryouts at all. I got to see how I compared to all the guys who got on the show I made some great connections. You know I set goals and I wrote them down. The plan was to be 6-0 and in the UFC by 2018 but I fell short on those goals and that really sucked but I wrote new goals. Now it’s UFC 2019, 6-0. I’m not going to fall short this time. I have the opportunity of a life time in front of me, I’m willing to die for this.

If you follow Lance on social media you’ll see a ton of training coverage but also a side of Lance that’s a little more intimate. He spends his off time in nature and frequents Kentucky’s Red River Gorge with his fiance. We asked him if the plan was to go back after the fight.

Yes after this fight I will definitely be taking my fiancé to Red River Gorge and spending a lot of time in the woods to reflect on everything and spend time with her. That place has a crazy way of reminding you how small you are in the grand scheme of everything which I think is important when you win a big fight and everyone is giving you that attention. But most importantly over everything I’ll be preparing for my wedding October 5th my fiancé has had it all on her shoulders with me so obsessed with winning this fight. I just want to do my part and get ready for what is really the biggest day of my life.

The fight is just a few days away in Las Vegas. A watch party has been set up in Louisville at at Diamond Street Grub & Hops 3922 Shelbyville Rd. Lance has a good support system of sponsors that he would like to thank including Murphy & Associates PLC, TAJ Louisville ,24/7 Motors Superstore Mount Washington, New Age Gifts, Oxybaric, The Cryo Club, Prep Meals 502 and Alpha Apparel KY.

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