Kelvin Tiller doesn’t care how he gets the win in PFL 6 main event

When it comes to his PFL season opening win over Mo De’Reese this past June, heavyweight Kelvin Tiller knew what kind of fight he was expecting going in.

According to Tiller, nothing he saw from De’Reese previously worried him, thus he was able to go out and pick up a first round submission and already secure his place in the PFL’s upcoming post season.

“I knew coming in (De’Reese) was a game opponent,” Tiller told “He was a good wrestler. (At the same time) I know watching his fights that I wasn’t in any trouble there.

“I knew it would be a challenging fight, but everything went to plan. It was a good fight to start the season off with. He’s still going to do very well (in the PFL) and maybe I’ll see him down the line again.”

Having come up short in the PFL playoffs last year, Tiller has made some changes to his game that he feels will pay off in the 2019 season.

“I’ve been at Duke Roufus’ gym for four weeks for this camp,” said Tiller. “They just took my style and critiqued little things and ironed (out) some things, but they never took away anything. That was really good for my style.

“From last year to this year I’d say just not be lazy off my back or lazy fighting off the cage; throw knees and throwing more combos; just picking up the pace, because I’m a slow starter, just really picking up the pace. “

For his second bout this season, Tiller (11-2) faces Denis Goltsov (23-5) in the heavyweight main event of PFL 6 on Thursday in Atlantic City, N.J.

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“I’ve got to move forward, cut (Goltsov) off, and land big shots,” Tiller said. “If it goes to the ground attack fast.

“He’s long and has a really good long jab, so I’ve just got to keep moving, keep my head moving, kick to the head, kick to the legs, look for the takedown and get a submission.”

Having already secured a spot in the post season, the only thing left now is seeding, to which Tiller is not too concerned with, and instead is just focusing on picking up a win and building momentum before the playoffs.

“Whatever happens, happens, as long as I get the win I don’t care how,” said Tiller.

“With how the point system is, I know the point system can be very important, and I’m sitting at number two right now and already have a spot in the playoffs, so I can go out there and just do what I do best and have fun.”

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