Josh Stepp credits MMA for saving his life

Josh Stepp

Josh Stepp

Sometimes we make bad decisions. Josh Stepp knows all about that. He was on a path to rock bottom. His future didn’t look promising at all. ” I was doing things I shouldn’t be doing, doing things for money I shouldn’t be doing. I was down to 160 pounds. I just sat in my trailer all day”.

Things changed for Stepp when his friend Spencer brought him to Morehead to help some people with their wrestling. He went home and decided it was time to change his ways. He sold everything he had and moved. Now Stepp spends his days helping others reach their fitness goals as well as training young fighters. He’s established a kids program at Boneyard MMA & Fitness. His goal is to keep people away from the road that he took earlier in life.

“It feels pretty good to have a lady come in and say she can’t do a sit up and then watch her do a sit up. Having a kids program has really helped me. I enjoy watching the kids grow. I know if I had something like this I would have never took the road I chose. It’s safe to say MMA has saved my life. I owe a lot to it. I think every kid should try to get into it whether it be wrestling, boxing or jiu jitsu. I really do enjoy it, I can’t explain it. There is no drama and they (kids) want to come in and have fun, learn. To see them learn a shot or a takedown it’s pretty neat to see it in a live situation. “

Now that Stepp has his things where he wants it he’s ready for one last fight. Stepp will headline Saturday’s Trotters Legacy MMA event in Prestonsburg. He admits that one of his biggest weaknesses is his nerves.

“Never been able to get the nerves out. Weight is doing good but nerves are killing me. It’s ridiculous. Just talking about it has me tore up. When I get in the cage its’ fight or flight.”

Stepp’s last fight was in 2009 under the Gladiator banner. He admits that his age plays a role in his decision to hang it up.

“I’m 34 and I don’t really have anything to prove. I just really enjoy it. I can honestly say MMA saved my life. After this fight I just want to take what I’ve learned and teach it. Hopefully I can keep a kid or even an adult from doing the things that I have done”

Stepp will meet Justin Gamble Saturday night in Prestonsburg. Stay close to BluegrassMMA for more on the event. You can listen to the entire interview in the player below. Josh kicked off BluegrassMMA Live Episode 195.

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