John Poppie stops Travis Davis via TKO (cut) in OCL 5 main event

Travis Davis vs John Poppie

Travis Davis vs John Poppie

John Poppie (10-5) came to Ohio as an underdog, and went home with the OCL middleweight title after a TKO victory over Travis Davis (8-4) in the third round.

A pair of cuts caused the doctor to halt the OCL 5 main event.

Both fighters wrestled in the first round, with Poppie earning a takedown just seconds into the fight. He had Davis’ back and was looking to lock in a rear naked choke, but Travis eventually turned into him and ended up on top. An elbow from the top opened up a cut on the bridge of Poppie’s nose. Poppie threw an upkick that just missed and earned a warning from the referee. Davis ended the round on top in a close first frame.

Davis attempted to pull guard for a guillotine early in the second round, but he paid for it with Poppie ending up on top on the ground when he fought his way out of it. Both fighters traded heavy ground and pound in the second round, with Poppie transitioning to back mount for the last minute and a half to win the round.

Poppie showed off his collegiate level wrestling again in the third round, using heavy top pressure to keep Davis on his back. Elbows opened up a cut on Davis’ left eyebrow, and another opened a nasty cut on his right eyebrow. The referee stopped the bout as Davis was leaking blood and the doctor halted the action in the third round.

The stoppage came at 3:28 of round three.

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