It’s all business for Pam Sorenson against friend Kaitlin Young at Invicta FC 36

For featherweight Pam Sorenson, 2019 has been a frustrating year so far.

Coming off a loss in her last bout in November of 2018, Sorenson was sidelined for much of the start of this year due to having surgery and is just now able to get back to fighting.

“Shortly after my last fight I got sick and ended up in the emergency room and needed surgery,” Sorenson told “I had a very large cyst in my abdomen.

“So I spent the first three or four months of the year recovering from that. As soon as I was able it was getting back into shape, and after that just cleaning some stuff up that we saw in my last fight.”

While the nature of Sorenson’s recovery was trying at times, she admits she’s now in a better headspace than she was prior. So where she’s ended up is ultimately a positive.

“It was hard because having abdominal surgery; you use your abdominals for everything,” said Sorenson. “Moving around still hurt, so it was very frustrating. It was almost like my body was working against me. It was definitely more frustrating than a specific injury.

“I feel like my head is a lot clearer. I had health issues throughout my last fight camp and I just didn’t know what the problem was. I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel my head is a lot clearer and I’m much more focused. I feel it’s going to be a much better fight for me.”

On Friday in Kansas City, Kansas, Sorenson (7-3) will look to claim her first major MMA championship when she faces Kaitlin Young (10-9-1) in the 145-pound championship main event of Invicta FC 36.

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“We’re very familiar with Kaitlin Young; she lives about 15 minutes away from me,” Sorenson said. “We’ve known each other for a long time. We were friends before the fight and will be friends after the fight, but during the 25 minutes that we’re fighting, it’s going to be all business.

“We both know each other’s styles really well. I know she’s a straight-forward Muay Thai fighter. I guess you could kind of look at it like a grappler versus striker, but I’m not afraid to strike. I think it’s going to be a v very good, very exciting, fight.”

While claiming a title is a big step in Sorenson’s career, she’s set on re-establishing herself in the featherweight division first and foremost on August 9.

“I’ve never been one to collect hardware,” said Sorenson. “It does mean a lot to me to be an Invicta champion, especially since historically the champions get called up to the UFC, so that definitely adds something to it.

“This fight for me means more to me anything to just get back in there and show that this little setback I had with surgery it wasn’t the end of my career. I’m still here, I’m better than ever and I’m here to stay a while.”

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