In The Cage with Nelly Thompson-Aniakudo

Nelly Thompson-Aniakudo (LEFT) at Flying Squirrel Pilates Milwaukee, WI.

Nelly Thompson-Aniakudo (LEFT) at Flying Squirrel Pilates Milwaukee, WI.

I’m sitting here with Nelly post fight Pure FC 9 coming off of a dominant performance of a very solid competitor Darren Gibbs.

John Wright: So Nelly give us your thoughts and talk about what you’re feeling after your pro debut.

Nelly Thompson-Aniakudo: Man I came out there and survived, and now it’s back to the lab. I can’t wait to see the tapes and see some things that went well and some things that we can work on. I know Darius Gibbs is a tough veteran, but I was game. You know he kind of had me hurt a little bit the 2nd round, but I just trusted my corner and in my skills and we came out on top.

JW: That’s interesting; unofficially I had it a 10-8 round for you in that 2nd round. You landed a few really good shots on him, and if you were hurt, I don’t think anyone knew including your opponent. You seemed to have a really good game plan and displayed some very crisp striking. So do you remember what he hurt you within the 2nd round?

Nelly: We were in the clinch, and he got me with some nice dirty boxing, and he caught me with an uppercut to the left eye, and I really couldn’t see a whole lot. I just kind of kept the separation, kept moving to my left and knew eventually he would circle into my right hand, but the head kick was there, so I took it.

JW: He definitely circled into your right hand a couple of times. You had 3 strong knockdowns in that fight.

Nelly: Was it 3?

JW: Yes it was 3. But he was resilient.

Nelly: I’ll take that he is a tough fighter.

JW: He definitely had a solid chin, but you kept testing it, and he kept coming back for more. In addition to that, you had a couple of good takedowns and a few slams for good measure. You definitely mixed up the punishment.

JW: What did you do different this fight camp? How did you switch things up for your pro debut?

Nelly: Of course we had to make some adjustments. It’s a big deal from 3 minute rounds to 5 minute rounds. We made some big adjustments cardio wise, and spent more time in some situational positions; in the clinch, takedown defense and stuff that makes a big difference in a pro fight. I didn’t get to land as many elbows in the clinch, but I’m satisfied with the outcome, and again I can’t wait to see the tape. It’s just back to the drawing board, and I can’t wait to sharpen my tools.

JW: Ok, well I appreciate your time. I see you’ve got some friends and family waiting to talk to you, so thank you for making some time for us! Can’t wait to see your next fight!

Nelly: I look forward to speaking with you again.

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