Fight promoter steps up to fill vacancy for another organization

By Juan Valle

Aaron Garrett

Aaron Garrett

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to watch a fight promoter step inside the cage to compete. What is even more rare of a situation is when said fight promoter fills in a vacancy for another organization. Aaron Garrett, promoter for IT Fight Series, is doing just that.

He will step into the cage this Saturday night at E.A.C. 6 against Jeremie Elkins. It was just two weeks ago that Garrett, who is working on an event of his own, saw the posting asking for someone to step-up against Elkins. Garrett had plan to make his long awaited return to the cage this summer but opted to not wait that long. He told us that he wanted to help a fellow friend and promoter of E.A.C. Roger Moran out.

Garrett who has competed in a variety of weight classes throughout his career will be making his tenth appearance inside the cage. What makes this even more interesting of a bout is the fact that Garrett has matched Elkins up before at previous shows. It’s not often as a fighter that you get to stand across from the match-maker/promoter inside the cage; many of dreamed of this scenario before.

Both Elkins and Garrett were guests on BluegrassMMA Live! Episode 168 last week. Each of them has tremendous respect for the other. Garrett was ecstatic to have the opportunity to return to the cage. It’s been nearly two years since the Lima, Ohio native has competed. His time spent away from the cage has been consumed with building IT Fight Series as well as training at Iron Tiger gym.

One of the many topics discussed across the region is why organizations seem to work against one another. This problem has seemed to escalate even more recently. This is not limited to all promoters or just those in our region. It’s a problem within the local MMA community. The fact that Garrett is willing to help out another promoter, not by letting one of “his fighters” compete, but for him to step into the cage is commendable. This is just one step in the right direction to bring our community together.

Not only does Elkins get the opportunity to participate in the show this weekend but us, the fans, get to witness another great bout.

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