Cody Freeman planning to put Kyle Estrada away at LFA 73

Over the course of the first half of 2019, few fighters have been as active as bantamweight Cody Freeman has.

From January until May, Freeman fought three times, picking up wins in all three bouts, raising his current winning streak to four victories overall.

“2019 has been a great year for me as far as my career goes,” Freeman told I’ve been rolling this year and I don’t plan it stopping anytime soon.”

With his activity level, Freeman could possibly overwork himself, but instead feels like it’s only benefited him to fight as often as possible.

“Honestly as often that I’ve been fighting it’s done the opposite of burnout,” said Freeman. “It’s helped me manage my weight a lot more. I’m able to keep my weight low because I’m constantly active. I don’t have to worry about draining my body too much to get down to weight.

“I think it’s actually helped my health. The momentum from it is really helping me out. It seems like every two months I see huge improvements in my game. I’m constantly evolving and constantly improving. I think that my whole game is just getting better all around.”

This Friday in Dallas, Freeman (5-2) will look to pick up his fifth win in a row when he takes on Kyle Estrada (9-4) in a main card 135-pound bout at LFA 73.

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“Kyle is a very talented fighter, and I think I match up pretty well with him,” Freeman said. “I have the ability to switch stances which I think is going to deter his offense as far as kicking my leg goes.

“I think just keeping my range and picking him apart from the outside, and threatening the takedown, will get me the win. I’ll chip away and then put him away by at least the early third round.”

With the pace he’s been going at, Freeman is eager to keep his momentum going and looks to close out 2019 staying as active as he can.

“I’m kind of just taking it as it goes right now,” said Freeman. “Things are happening pretty fast for me. Back in 2018 I was a 1-2 fighter and I wasn’t sure if I’d be doing this anymore, but I’ve been on a roll since then.

“I’m just trying to take it fight by fight, but I’m hoping with this fight I can open some eyes and get into the conversation about getting into one of the bigger promotions, or getting the call sometime soon.”

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