Chosen Few Fighting Championship 16: Results

Chosen Few Fighting Championships 16: Resuults

Chosen Few Fighting Championships 16: Resuults

Chosen Few Fighting Championship took place on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, WI which hosted a very anticipated main event featuring Alex Polizzi of Chosen Few Gym against Cedrick Savage of Roufusport in Milwaukee, WI.

Before the event, 1st Warning MMA Report predicted a third-round TKO from Cedric Savage who is a Roufusport BJJ Brown Belt and was believed to be a more athletic fighter than Polizzi, according to the report. Polizzi ended the fight with a second-round TKO victory however and dominated the brown belt on the ground, getting to the back of Savage and looking much sharper than Savage overall in the professional victory.

Danta Schiro from Chosen Few gym also looked very dominant on the ground in his victory over Denver’s James Conway (back control with tons of strikes) which also gave him the award for the finish of the night (TKO Stoppage).

Chosen Few promotor, Josh Sterry, says that both his fighters “are special, but they will need a couple more fights before they get the big stage opportunities”, said Sterry. “That was a huge win for Polizzi against a tough and well-respected opponent. The finish will certainly put both Danta and Alex on the map for The UFC Contender Series”, said Sterry.

Fight of the night was James Mayhew (Chosen Few) vs Conor Fussner (Roufusport Milwaukee). Mayhew was winning the entire dog fight until Fussner landed a slick armbar from the scramble that got him the comeback win. With both of the fighters moving forward, they were fascinating to watch.

Professional Fights

Alex Polizzi (Chosen Few) vs. Cedrick Savage (Roufusport Milwaukee) :
– Alex Polozi wins by TKO, 3:42 of Round 2

Danta Schiro (Chosen Few) vs. James Conway (Warriors Den, TN):
– Danta Schiro wins by TKO, 3:13 of Round 2
*Finish of the night.

Patrick Delgado (Fearless MMA) vs. Ted Worthington (UTCT MMA, UT):
– Patrick Delago wins by submission (guillotine), 0:29 of Round 2

Darren Gibbs (Ground Zero MMA) vs. Craig Eckelberg (Roufusport Milwaukee):
– Craig Eckelberg wins by unanimous decision

Nolan Cain (Chosen Few) vs. Seijo Imazaki (Imazaki Dojo):
– Seijo Imazaki wins by injury

Amateur Fights

Bobby Oldenburg (Fearless MMA) vs. Devon Seitz (The Blast MMA):
– Devon Seitz wins by unanimous decision

John Jones (Chosen Few) vs. Wes Holtz (Red Schafer MMA):
– Wes Holtz wins by TKO, 1:47 of Round 2

James Mayhew (Chosen Few) vs. Conor Fussner (Roufusport Milwaukee): *Fight of the night.
– Conor Fussner wins by submission (armbar), 2:49 of Round 1

JT Schulte (Chosen Few) vs. Nikita Strokous (Neutral Ground, MMA):
– JT Schulte wins by TKO, 2:31 of Round 2

Carlito Schiro (Chosen Few) vs. Peter Kulibert (Neutral Ground, MMA):
– Peter Kulibert wins by submission (triangle), 1:14 of Round 1

Pete Lo (Chosen Few) vs. Jordan Carrow (Skeetown Soldiers MMA, MI):
– Pete Lo wins by submission, 1:00 of Round 1

Beyamin Copeland (Zero to 100 Fitness) vs. Mike Greiner (Portage Kickboxing & BJJ):
– Mike Greiner wins by TKO, 2:19 of Round 1

Jarad Alexander (Chosen Few) vs. Alex Rego (Midwest Training Center):
– Alex Rego wins by unanimous decision

Photo Credit: Nick at Combat Corner

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