Bryce Logan ‘extremely confident’ heading into LFA 87 title fight

While the lockdown created by the novel coronavirus may have sidelined the plans lightweight Bryce Logan may have initially had for his 2020, he feels things ended up working out for him.

Because of the lockdown, Logan was able to give his body a rest while at the same time have more time to developing his game.

“I honestly think it was a blessing in disguise,” Logan told “I didn’t have any major injuries, but I had some bumps and bruises that were kind of keeping me from being 100 percent, so that shutdown let me heal up a bit.

“My work being closed turned out to be a blessing as well, because this is the first time I’ve been able to train full time without having to work 30 hours a week on top of it, so I’m able to dedicate myself more to MMA training.”

Having joined Fight Ready MMA fulltime following his last fight in September of 2019, Logan feels like the improvements he has made to his skillset has made for him being a completely different fighter.

“I know this gets said all the time, but I don’t recognize the fighter I was before I made this switch; just like picking up concepts and things like that, whereas before I just going in there and fighting and getting by on my athleticism and wrestling background,” said Logan.

“Now I know where I have the advantages and where I can create openings for myself.”

This Friday in Sioux Falls, S.D., Logan (11-4) will look to showcase his new skills when he faces Jacob Rosales (12-5) in the 155-pound championship main event of LFA 87.

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“I’m excited to fight this fight,” Logan said. “It’s a great test for me. I need to be opportunistic. I’m extremely confident going into this fight knowing I have the tools to win this fight, to dominate this fight, to finish this fight.

“I’m confident that Friday night I’ll be able to walk out the lightweight champion for the LFA.”

Should he come out of Friday’s fight with the LFA title, it could be just the thing Logan needs to take him to the next level. If not, then he’ll do whatever he can to make the opportunity to step up happen before the end of 2020.

“If I win this fight and there’s not a contract offer by the UFC or Bellator or any promotion that’s willing to treat me as the asset I feel I am, I’d be interested in turning around and fighting on the Contender Series if someone drops off,” said Logan.

“I think I’ve beaten a lot of tough guys. I don’t give fights away. I’ve been a launching pad for other people in their career, but I feel like my time is now. I think there is still opportunity for me to take a few more steps forward, whereas some people may still be in a holding pattern.”

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