B2 Fighting Series Announces B2FS Professional Fighter Rankings

The first B2 Fighting Series Official Rankings were announced today. Fighters from across the country grace the list of the elite that will be in line to fight for the inaugural championship at the B2FS “Night of Champions” which will take place at Fourth Street Live! in downtown Louisville on Saturday July 18, 2020. .

All B2 Fighting Series Fight group’s matchmakers and the B2FS Executive in charge of Fighter Development, UFC great Chris Lytle, combined to develop and produce the rankings for the B2 Fighting Series. The rankings will allow the fighters to know where they stand and whom they need to challenge to rise through the ranks and be selected as one of the participant fighters in the B2FS “Night of Champions”.

“We used a combination of factors to come up with our rankings. Head-to-head, common opponents, Tapology rankings, and discussions. This is crucial to coming up with who will be fighting in the ‘Night of Champions’. Everyone will know what they need to do to get into the top 2 and if you aren’t there, challenge someone who is. Simple as that. We are very excited about this next step we have taken.”, said Chris Lytle, B2 Executive of Fighter Development and the Official B2 Training Facility Program for the B2 Fighting Series.

The list itself features some of the top prospects throughout the MMA landscape. It is a who’s who of the regional MMA scene and showcases the talent that the B2 Fighting Series has been cultivating for several years now. The list has familiar faces as well as those who you should start making yourself acquainted with and watch as they rise through the rankings. The ranking will be reposted the second week of every month based on the results of the recent fights.

As the excitement builds for the first “Night of Champions” we should see all of the fighters preparing to take the top spots for the showcase in July

I promise, It will be an exciting Spring Season for the B2 Fighting Series Development League building up to the “Night of Champions” in July. WHO WILL GO, WHO WILL WIN. I can’t wait to watch it all happen. Said Greg P. Bell Chairman & CEO of B2Digital INC.

B2 Fighting Series Professional Rankings ( 2/11/2020)

1. Rafael Costa 11-3
2. Jacob Childers 7-0
3. Varon Webb 9-3
4. Isaiah Ferguson 8-2
5. Josh Ferguson 11-5
6. Jeremy Pender 17-14
7. Shawn West 16-10
8. Justin Wetzell 5-1

1. Nathan Maness 11-1
2. Lance Lawrence 5-1
3. BJ Ferguson 11-4
4. Jamal Mohammad 4-2
5. Kyle Causey 4-2
6. Kellen VanCamp 4-3

1. Will Brooks 20-5-1
2. Tom Shoaff 11-4
3. Omar Johnson 6-3
4. Sean Fallon 11-5
5. Yemi Oduowle 5-2
6. Matt Elkins 4-3

1. Cameron VanCamp 12-5
2. Andre Hall 4-1
3. Mark Stoddard 17-10
4. Dustin Parrish 8-3-1
5. Aaron Highbaugh 8-3
6. Quinton Parks 8-3

1. Joe Vedepo 19-11
2. Taylor Ruscin 7-1
3. Garrick James 5-3
4. Marcel Stamps 4-2
5. Brandon Bell 9-7
6. Portland Pringle 11-11

1. Billy Horne 18-5
2. James Crumpler 3-0
3. Rob Morrow 25-22-1
4. Julio Gallegos 10-8

1. Shaun Asher 13-3-1
2. Derrick Mehmen 19-10
3. Harry Hunsucker 5-2
4. Adrian Miles 16-12
5. Luke Shawley 1-0

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