Alexander Gustafsson on Jon Jones – He’s not a champion, not a good person

In the main event of UFC 211, MMA star Alexander Gustafsson picked up a dominating win over Glover Teixeira, putting him away with a barrage of punches in the third.

With that win, Gustafsson should now be in line for another light heavyweight title shot – though it’s hard to say whether his next shot will come against champ Daniel Cormier or former champ Jon Jones, who fight in the main event of UFC 214 this July.

Speaking at the UFC 211: Stockholm post-fight press conference, Gustafsson stated that he hopes Cormier wins, because he respects him and doesn’t consider Jones to be a good person.

“I don’t like him,” Gustafsson said of Jones. “I give him that he’s the best fighter of all-time, the best pound-for-pound fighter of our division — of course, everybody knows that. He hasn’t even lost a fight yet, he demolishes everyone he fights. But as a person, as a champion, he’s not a champion, in my eyes. He’s not a good person, in my eyes. (via

“That’s why I always tell the guys, ‘I hope that DC [Daniel Cormier] wins, because I like the guy, he’s a worthy champion. So that’s what I mean when I say that he’s the biggest enemy of all-time.”
Gustafsson then weighed in on possible rematches with Jones and Cormier, both of whom he’s fought to  close decision losses in the past.

“It’s all about the lost rounds,” Gustafsson said of his failed title shots. “I’ve just been so close to winning the fights, I lose a little bit in the end, but we’ve changed our camp and our conditioning is on another level. Today, I’m not going to lose on the finish line again. It’s not going to happen. Today, I could go 10 rounds. I could go 10 rounds next time I fight DC or Jones.”
Do you think Alexander Gustafsson will win UFC light heavyweight gold?

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