2017 BluegrassMMA Awards: Accepting Fan Nominations

Although the team here at BluegrassMMA combed through many events to find the best nominees for the 2017 BluegrassMMA Awards, we knew there’d be some that we missed.

That’s why we’re asking for fan nominations now for the following categories:

  • Pro Fight of the Year
  • Amateur Fight of the Year
  • Pro Knockout of the Year
  • Amateur Knockout of the Year
  • Pro Submission of the Year
  • Amateur Submission of the Year

If you would like to nominate a fight or performance for one of these awards, you can do so by commenting on this post, or on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bluegrassmma.

Fan nominations will be open until 7pm ET on Sunday, Dec. 17. Voting for awards will take place a week later.

Some guidelines for nominating:

  • Video of the fight must be available. If possible, please provide the video for us.
  • Please only nominate in the categories that we have posted above.
  • The fight must have taken place in the Ohio Valley in our coverage area (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, or Tennessee).

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